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4G/5G Network Services

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4G/5G Network Services with 5GWorldPro

For all companies, provide the expertise necessary to support your network transformation goals, with our multi-vendor and multi-technology capabilities, our services adapt to meet the emerging needs of your network.

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Radio Planning and Optimisation Service

5GWorldPro has an extensive expertise in network optimisation, acquired over decades of work in the telecoms sector,

We guarantee performance improvements and optimisation of coverage, deployed capacity and quality of cellular networks. This will result in increased network ability to handle the traffic while reducing the number of resources required.

The service is complemented with a report that presents comparison results of cell performance and network performance before and after implementation of the changes, this service include and is not limited to:

  • Worst cell audit, band strategy, mobility study..
  • ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) improving network performance through re-engineering of existing sites according to the “new normal” traffic distribution
  • ASP (Accurate Site Planning) adequate selection for new sites location to adapt to the new normal situation we have after COVID-19 pandemic
  • AFP / ANR / Automatic PCI Planning / Automatic RSN Planning / Automatic PSC Planning
  • Recommend features to deploy for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G and help you with trials and features testing, assessment and activation.

Drive testing

Drive testing is a fundamental necessity for telecom regulators and operators. Regulators have to conduct drive testing in order to monitor quality of service standard against the KPI’s agreed on with the operators and operators undergo benchmarking activity to do competitive analysis to remain competitive.

5GWorldPro offers complete bouquet of network benchmarking services through field drive testing. As per the customer requirements KPI’s are decided as the project scope which determines the team configuration and size. Our skilled field staff collects the data which is then analyzed by our radio network experts and presented to the customer in the form of reports against the KPI’s.

Few of the high level KPI’s which are reported are as follow;

Voice Services:
– Call Success Setup Rate (CSSR)
– Call Drop Rate (CDR)
– End to end Speech Quality Index (SQI MOS)
– Network accessibility etc.

Data Services:
– Packet Data Protocol (PDP) Context Activation/Deactivation
– Radio Link Control (RLC) Throughput Uplink/Downlink
– Data latency

Smat Capex Planning

Do you have limited budget and you need to choose the best sites with best ROI from your network ?

Our inhouse tool allows you to define the optimal investiment plan and optimize Mobile Access Capex which is today one of the main CAPEX domains for operators, we are using our inhouse tool using AI/ML tools to bring precise forecast by cell and the result takes into account customer experience and gives you the best ROI for each investment

Global RAN Parameters Standardization

Radio Access Network is typically configured with thousands of parameters with multi technology and multi-vendor solution parameter and administration becomes increasingly complex which result in parameter inconsistencies. These inconsistencies are headache for the operators as it causes performance degradations.

5GWorldPro offer to extract an updated RAN parameter baseline for all vendors and technologies that the client deploys. Based on this revised baseline we carry out a global RAN parameter consistency check and inconsistency cleanup services. We also suggest procedural improvements required in the parameter settings process to avoid the reoccurrence of such inconsistencies in future.

IoT Projects

We help our clients design, develop, deploy and optimise their IoT projects.

Either its, Nb-IoT, LTE-M, Lora, either in 4G or 5G,  our team work closely with trusted partners, and  architect the overall solution that will  respond to your needs and interface with the IoT devices,  we use our skills and expertise to get to the heart of your IoT issues, and solve them efficiently.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information delivers also different types of training to cover all the generations of Wireless Cellular Communications i.e 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.