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This course provides technical insights into radio network planning principles for 5G deployments in both the mid-band and mm-wave spectrum and dives directly into the 5G RF design and planning process and calculations with a focus on system coverage and capacity objective with practical examples from planning tools

In order for the attendant to better understand the content of this topic and to gain a further insight into the 5G RAN design, it is recommended to have prior attended the training provided by 5GWorldPro

5G New Radio Advanced Training

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This training is aimed for RF Engineers, Technical consultants, technical manager with a technical RF background

Learning Path

  • 5G bands &5G edge throughput in countries
  • 5G Link budget and comparison with 4G
  • 5G Propagation models
  • Site Radius calculation with example
  • Propagation model parameters in 5G and comparison with 4G
  • 5G Network planning process
  • 5G Ray tracing model and 3D Digital Map
  • 4G/5G planning difference and comparison Coverage 5G 8T8R and 5G 64T64
  • 5G Massive Mimo Beam planning
  • 5G Downtilt planning
  • 5G PRACH Planning
  • 5G Neighbor cell Planning
  • 5G PCI Planning
  • 5G Capacity and Shannon Law
  • 5G NR Throughput Calculation
  • 5G Capacity Limiting factors
  • 5G Dimensioning
  • 3D Monte Carlo Simulation
  • 5G NR network parameters in planning tool
  • ENDC Use Case with Planning tool
  • 3D beamforming in Planning tool
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in Planning tool

You will receive 5G certification once the test is successfully  completed.

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